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I first became interested in Photography when I was 16. My Dad gave me a Lomo LC-A camera, a small Russian made film camera that was addictive in its simplicity. This camera went everywhere with me and I still have boxes and boxes of prints in the loft. Film was expensive to buy and develop and when digital photography came along I was one of the first to buy a Digital SLR. Over £1,000 for a camera was an awful lot of money back in 2003. The Canon EOS 300D was the best DSLR a consumer could buy.  I paid over £1,000 for the kit and that was it, I was hooked on shooting digital.  The same camera is now available on eBay for just over £20.

These days I shoot with only professional grade Canon equipment and develop on a suite of iMac’s and Mac Pro’s. Things have moved on. Wedding pictures and the styles people want have also moved on too.  Wedding images are no longer the stuffy formally posed line-ups we used to see.  Modern wedding photography is fast, fun and exciting.

Explore this website, take a look through the images and see if this is what you like.

Choosing a style of wedding photographer is very much like choosing wallpaper!  You may love it but your partner may not.  Take your time and shop around.  Your choice will last a lifetime.

If you would like to send me any files, please follow this link.  The upload password is TPC.

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